Dental Veneers

Dental Veneers

Dental Veneers are the best option to get your smile back. A specially designed thin porcelain shell is made to cover over damaged teeth, allowing a new young, fresh and healthy look. You won’t have to worry about having an uneven smile, gaps, discolored or broken teeth. With dental veneers you will have a wonderful smile in no time.

Besides giving an aesthetic improvement, veneers are also great to protect damaged surfaces preventing the need for more invasive dental procedures. Dental veneers are made to last up to a decade. So get ready to smile again, feel more confident and get a make over.


Stay & Recovery Time

It is usually recommended for the patient to have approximately 10 days stay at the destination, in order to have proper after care and medical check ups with your dental surgeon. After the procedure pain and antibiotic medication is given.   Recovery time 1 week.

 For more detailed information, contact us. Be informed, it’s your RIGHT!

Cost of The Procedure

 Starting costs:

  • Mexico   $500 USD per tooth
  • UK $2,500 USD per tooth
  • USA $2,500 USD per tooth
  • Canada $2,000 USD per tooth

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