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Dr. Jorge Uribe Kalafatic

Board Certified Plastic, Aesthetic & Reconstructive Surgeon

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Meet your Surgeon Dr. Uribe Kalafatic

An amazing human being, Dr. Jorge Uribe Kalafatic is a leading Board Certified Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon located in the beautiful city of Cancun, Mexico. Sought by his patients for his great professional ethic and human warmth, always keeping their safety first. With a personal and dedicated approach, each surgery performed is a reflection of his expertise with the scalpel. Every patient is special to him. His ability to preserve body and youthful harmony has earned him respect among his colleagues.

High Specialized Training

Dr. Jorge Uribe Kalafatic is not only an accomplished surgeon.  He has had one of the finest and highly specialized training on aesthetic & reconstructive surgery for face, nose, breast, hand, abdomen and body contouring.  The most important thing for Dr. Uribe is to take care of his patient’s safety and satisfaction.

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Board Certified Plastic, Aesthetic & Reconstructive Surgeon

Plastic & Aesthetic Surgery

Through a series of different surgical techniques, Dr. Uribe is able to enhance his patients appearance. An expert in anatomy with an artistic eye, he is able to obtain beautiful proportional results.