How To Plan Your Medical Travel

Plan Your Medical Travel Experience

So you are wondering How To Prepare For Your Medical Travel Experience….

Thousands of patients every day are seeking medical treatment abroad, with more affordable costs and global high quality care. Accessible cost does NOT mean a lower quality. Blue Medical Services has partnered with international renowned hospitals & physicians in order to offer the highest quality at amazing and affordable costs.

Blue Medical Services helps people find the best option for their medical needs. International medical travel  is not has hard as you might think! It’s just a matter of getting in touch with one of our health managers that will assist you through the journey, who will take you through the steps you need to prepare. Here are some tricks & tips to prepare to travel abroad. 

How To Plan For Your Travel

Planning is tricky, specially when you have no idea where to begin


Research About Your Treatment

  • Know what you are looking for! With thousands of options, it is easy to get lost in a sea of information.
  • Research for information 
  • Have any questions? Feel free to contact one of our Blue Medical Health Managers for personal assistance. 

Your Health

  • When traveling abroad, make sure you have your vaccines and boosters up-dated if needed.
  • When you have set your destination and travel dates your Blue Medical Health Manager will provide information on the preparation you will need for your surgery.
  • Your physician of choice will let you know what you will need to do in order to prepare, in some cases you will need avoid certain foods and supplements.

Get your Passport & Visa Ready

  • You have chosen your treatment destination, now it’s time to prepare your trip.
  • You must have your passport with you!
  • Make sure to know if you need a Visa to travel to your destination and apply for it on time.
  • Double check your personal documents to make sure you will have no trouble moving across borders.

Choose a Date

  • Check your calendar to plan for your trip.
  • Know how long you will be required to stay before and after a procedure for recovery.
  • Some procedures such as hair transplant only require a 2-3 day trip, others may required up to 15-20 days 
  • Time needed to stay will be up to the surgeon’s recommendations that our Blue Medical Health Managers will let you know about in advance. 

How To Pack

  • Make sure your medical appointment and surgery is booked at your destination *You will received detailed information with our Health Managers 
  • Flight tickets are confirmed
  • Passport and visa in hand
  • Hotel accommodations are set
  • Personal identity documents are a must!
  • Credit /Debit Cards and Cash
  • Any medical records that your doctor will be needing, such as blood work or radiologic images
  • Have with you an emergency contact information card
  • Bring comfortable clothes and shoes, check for the weather of your destination


Arriving To Destination

  • If you destination is Cancun, you are IN FOR A TREAT! You will get  to experience our PREMIUM BLUE MEDICAL for transportation, medical concierge and companionship. Making your medical travel a worry-free experience
  • Traveling to a different destination? No problem! Many hospitals also offer airport transportation to take you to your hotel or clinic, this will depend on the arrangements that are made previously
  • You will have a consultation with your physician to discuss details of the procedure and prepare you for your surgery for the next day
  • Make sure to have a good night sleep the day before surgery and to follow every instruction given by your surgeon


What Happens After Surgery 

  • Its time for you to recover 
  • Depending on the type of surgery you will be able to do/restrain from doing different activities, along with your surgeon’s indications our Blue Medical Health Managers will make sure to help you out
  • You will be having medical appointments after the procedure with your surgeon
  • Make sure to follow your doctor’s instructions for a speedy recovery
  • Get well soon! A day or two before your departure you will see your physician to make sure you are ready to go back home, and to give final recommendations 


Flying Back Home, What If I Have Questions Now?

  • We are here with you, we will keep in touch with you constantly before and after your procedure abroad
  • Our Blue Medical Health Managers will answer your concerns at all moments while keeping in touch with your surgeon 

Are You Ready to Start Your Medical Journey?     

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Check Out Cancun as a Medical Destination

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