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Lobuloplasty | Ear surgery | Pinnaplasty

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ear pinning surgery
ear pinning surgery

Ear surgery helps to reshape the size, position and prominence of the ears, return the disproportions of development to natural curves of the helix and antihelix. If the ear is too large, or separated from the head, pointed, with stretched ear lobes, or wrinkles, there are different techniques that achieve a normal shaped ear.

The results are immediate and have a big positive for patientā€™s confidence and self esteem.

Ear surgery can be done in young patients starting at an age of 7 years old to adulthood.

It is normal that ear surgery to be performed as an in office procedure under local anesthesia. Although in some cases, such as in small children its recommended to have the procedure done at the operating room under sedation in order to prevent any discomfort in young patients.