Female Sterilization

Permanent Contraception

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tubal Ligation

Female sterilization is an effective surgical procedure that permanently prevents pregnancy with a 99% effectivity. It is a common and safe surgery when done by expert hands.

This procedure only affects the fallopian tubes, so you will not have any issues with your hormone levels and you will still have your period.

⚠️ STERILIZATION IS VERY DIFFICULT TO REVERSE. Even though some doctors may attempt to reverse a tubal ligation, most of the times the procedure fails, and becomes impossible to regain normal function of the tubes. If you change your mind after the surgery, you will might need to look for alternative ways of doing so, such as IVF.

We ONLY recommend this procedure to patients that are 100% sure they want to avoid any pregnancies.

Female sterilization DOES NOT prevent STI’s, you still need to use a condom to prevent any kind of sexually transmitted infection.



In order for a pregnancy to occur, a woman’s ovaries releases an egg, that will travel through one of the fallopian tubes, to meet the sperm, and the fertilized egg will then travel to the uterus to form a baby.

When the fallopian tubes are either cut or clamped down, the egg can’t longer travel to meet the sperm cells, so fertilization will not happen. Although eggs will still be released by the normal working ovaries, because they are not affected by this type of surgery, and in the end the eggs are reabsorbed by the body.